A Cyberpilgrim's List of Web 2.0 Tools for Ministry


Tool: VoiceThread

8 Minute VoiceThread Demonstration: What’s a VoiceThread?

6 minute Video: Using VoiceThread. Listen to these teachers about how dynamic VoiceThread can be in an educational setting.

Explanation of M5 Commenting used in VoiceThread

Educator options for VoiceThread have some wonderful features and are low-cost and provide a secure, world-wide network.

Education Ideas: VoiceThread can be used for any kind of collaborative project in any subject. Go to the Browse tab to search for topics of interest. Search for “Digital Storytelling” and click on a couple of the icons to listen to a few threads.

Here’s a link to a public VoiceThread that you can comment on. This was created by an educator for students and teachers to simply share where they come from. Try adding YOUR voice to this VoiceThread!

Ministry Ideas: The beginning of any journey in faith starts with storytelling. Allow RCIA participants or confirmation candidates to reflect on the presence of God in their lives, to begin to recognize God’s presence in the journey that brought them to this point in their faith walk. Upload images to get started, then invite others to comment on each image.

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  1. […] me an auditory learner, I guess, since I seem to be drawn to tools like VoiceThread,  Audioboo and now SoundCloud. As online podcasting tools become more popular, more user-friendly […]

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