A Cyberpilgrim's List of Web 2.0 Tools for Ministry


Tool: Flickr

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Flickr is a popular tool for photo sharing. It allows users to keep images private or share them with the world. How do you upload your photos? By using either your computer or your cell phone.

If you are doing a class project, you get a personal Flickr e-mail address, where you can send pictures directly from any cell phone. This is wonderful for educators because teachers or catechists may want students to contribute to the same resource, and students can send pictures from any cell phone to the same Flickr account.

If you are looking for photos to use for projects or presentations, there are many photo’s with a Creative Commons License. This makes it easy for you to use creative materials and respect copyrighted materials. find and use images for class projects or presentations.

Liz Kolbe in Toys to Tools, suggests creating Digital Image Storybooks.

With the assistance of Flickr, students can take pictures and tell a story with their cell phones. The story can be a documentary about a personal experience outside of school (such as learning something new, researching a content-based topic, or getting over a fear), or it could be a fictional story that they make up and illustrate with images from everyday life. Using their cell phones, students take pictures for their digital image stories and send them immediately to their private Flickr account. Once they have their pictures in Flickr, they create a slide show and write a description for each photo that tells the story. When finished, students can post the links to their digital image stories on the school Web site or send them in e-mails. Parents, teachers, and other students can them provide feedback on the digital image stories. (79)

Begin to imagine your students being storytellers about their sacramental events – e.g., Confirmation. Or telling the story of their brother or sister’s Baptism, or any other special faith event that is a good story!

To learn more about this tool, I would encourage you to visit the following:

You will also find A guide To Using FlickR in Education a very helpful wiki. Robyn Jay, and education program manager from Sydney, Australia offers some very helpful information.

These two resources will provide you with background to help you learn more about this Web 2.0 tool. If you believe that you will take time to learn how to use Flickr in your ministry, click the “Like” button. Of course, we want to hear your stories of how you are using Flickr in what you do! Come back and share later if you like.

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  1. Janice Girone said:

    The people behind Flickr are crazy about creating new ways of organizing photos and video and making it easy for users to organize and store their precious digital memories. As a user, you can allow all your contacts and friends to comment on your photos and even reorganize them.

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