A Cyberpilgrim's List of Web 2.0 Tools for Ministry

Poll Daddy

Tool: Poll Daddy

What is PollDaddy? AppAppeal says –

PollDaddy is a service that provides polling and survey widgets for blogs, websites and social networking sites. Users can create simple polls and surveys, and the Polldaddy site will generate the widget code for them to post the poll or survey on their site. Users can create single answer, multiple choice or user answered polls using a convenient poll editor on the Polldaddy site. Read more .

This is a handy tool that is part of the WordPress blog service.  It can be used to create polls, surveys, and quizzes.

How can we use this tool in our catechetical programs?

  • Create a poll to see how members of your parish feel about adult formation?  Is it of value to them?  If yes, why?
  • Use a survey to understand what your adults are looking for in their parish adult formation opportunities.
  • Develop a quiz, to see what your adults understand or do not understand about a theological topic that is currently being discussed in your parish.

Polldaddy support and video tutorials are listed here.

Looking for information about Polldaddy using your iPad, check out this video –

If you are interested in distributing links to the survey by email as well as using QR codes, imbedded web links and of course, using the iPad, view

For those who Twitter, you may be interested in the Twitter version for Poll Daddy.  To learn more about how to use Poll Daddy for Twitter and how you can make cool interactive polls that are easily posted to Twitter, go to:

If you feel like you’re going to explore using Polldaddy, please cllick the “Like” Button.  Of course, when you have used it for a poll, survey, or quiz we would love to hear about your experience.  Please come back to share.


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