A Cyberpilgrim's List of Web 2.0 Tools for Ministry

Recently TED video created TED-Ed videos.  I’d encourage you to watch the introductory video to learn more about this service.

Then go to the Ted-Ed Tour

TEDed Tour

In the Subject Category section you will find “Philosophy & Religion”.  Right now there is only ONE video here – Jackie Jenkins: Greeting the World in Peace.  Take a moment to (1) Watch the Video, then (2) Respond to the Quick Quiz, and explore the Think and Dig Deeper Sections.

When you click on “Get Involved“, you’ll notice that you can nominate yourself or nominate another.  TED-Ed will review the request and get back to you.  I’d love to see some of our wonderful and talented religious educators create short lessons like these either for our children, RCIA Candidates, or even around the theme of New Evangelization.

Think for a moment – What could you create for your audience that would excite and interest them to learn more about their faith?  What presence could we bring as Catholics to this wonderful Internet world?  TED-Ed is here to assist you!

Jackie Jenkins: Meeting the World in Peace

Getting involved is fairly easy.  Just click on Get Involved.  Here you can nominate yourself or another.  Or you can suggest a lesson that you feel would be helpful in the catechetical area.

If you’re thinking of something and wondering if others may be interested, you may start the conversation here.  We’d love to hear about what you are considering or would like to see presented on TEDEd.

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