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Fakebook: Learning to Help Holy Friends Connect

What if you and your class could set up your own private social network for Jesus and the Saints?  Assign students to study the biography of a character from the Bible and create a social media profile based on what they read?  There  is a way – using Fakebook, a web tool from ClassTools.net.

You can watch the tutorial video to see how it works:

When you arrive on the site you can begin immediately to create a new profile – but it can be helpful first to check the link to the gallery to see examples. You can click on the Religion category to see what is already there.  There is already a Jesus profile that notes his religious views are “Catholic.”


First, create the profile, including at least one post and one friend, then go to the menu on the right and save it, using the disk icon.  The page will ask for a password so you can come back and edit your creation, and it will give you a unique URL for your profile.  Here is one I created in the free version for Saint Cecilia.  Only the person who creates the profile can edit the profile or add new posts. Interaction between profiles requires both creators to log in and interact.

The free version has lots of adware, so be warned not to click on buttons that say “Download Program” (which lead to a place to download unwanted programs). A premium version of ClassTools.net , which could be used in the classroom and has no adware, is also available. which enables you to create a Twitter-like interface as well.  Price for a 6-month membership is roughly $21. This seems like great fun – and a way to include various characters, storylines, etc. and get them to interact. Could be a very creative learning tool for learning what ministers in the liturgy do, having various saints and historical figures interact, etc.