A Cyberpilgrim's List of Web 2.0 Tools for Ministry


As mobile devices and One-to-One initiatives become more mainstream in schools, you may be searching for ways to have an easy, interactive interface between content that catechists have prepared and student reception and viewing of that content. SlideShark is a tool that can help if you are moving in that direction. SlideShark allows you, the catechist, teacher or youth minister, to upload a PowerPoint presentation from your home PC to your iPad, broadcast your presentation to multiple recipients who have iOS devices (iPads or iPhones) and then share that presentation for later on-demand viewing. SlideShark preserves all the fonts, animations and other features  for your viewing audience. If your audience does not have access to iPad or iPhone, they can still view the presentation from their home computer via a link. No home computer? Then these would be the students who are required to attend your presentation live!


There are several account options, with the entry level being a free account allowing 100 MB of PPT downloads. Advanced features such as broadcasting require a fee. At the time this post was written, however, a free trial of the broadcast feature was being offered. Check the web site to see if that free trial has been extended.

How can we use this tool for catechesis? Several possibilities come to mind.

Having trouble assembling all the busy teens of your parish for one confirmation presentation? Create your PPT on your home or work computer, upload it to SlideShark, and broadcast it for those who can attend the session. Make the link available to all confirmandi to review. SlideShark even lets you track your attendees so you can verify who has viewed your presentation.

Or maybe you just want to have a convenient, hand-held display of your PowerPoint presentation to show people as they exit church through the narthex. No need to lug out the screen and projector.  Just upload your PowerPoint presentation to SlideShark and display it on your iPad. Here’s an example of just such a presentation. Click on the image below to be taken to the presentation on SlideShark.


For older students who have mastered PowerPoint, SlideShark can be an effective tool to share their presentations with the rest of the class.

Remember: not all students will have iPads, so provide other options for viewing if this is the case.

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