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Tool: Mixbook

There are various forms of digital storytelling to consider.  One that I like is the Digital Photo Book.  Have a sacramental moment you want to remember.  Mixbook provides you with a digital storybook to record and share the story of a Baptism, Confirmation, or Marriage.  Consider other events that you may wish to consider – Parish Anniversary, your parish mission service trips, and other parish or family events.

At the time of confirmation, you may want to have your students create a class book that focuses on Saints of those who are being confirmed.

Here is a Mixbook Tutorial –

If you’re wondering what others say about Mixbook, check out What Are People Saying About Mixbook?

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Tool:  Prezi

One of the best ways to learn Prezi, is to go to the Prezi Learn section.  Here you will find a well designed tutorial with three videos and a “cheat sheet” for each tutorial that offers the details you may need for learning this tool.

The first tutorial is Getting Started

To get an idea of the type of presentation that can be created using Prezi, come and visit Prezi Demo.

Prezi  is a tool that has pricing options: Free, Enjoy and Pro.  To learn more about these options, visit Choose Your Prezi  License.

What are some thoughts and ideas for using this tool in your ministry or Catechetics?  Of course, this is an alternative to PowerPoint.  So, anything you can do with PowerPoint, you can do with Prezi.

Before you get over exciting about using Prezi, you may want to pay attention to what others say about this tool.  For example:

Prezi is the Coolest Online Presentation Tool  I’ve Seen by Robin Wauters, and

The Emerging Technologies Librarian, PF Anderson, posts Pondering Prezi.

I’ve not used this tool yet.  However, I’ve listened to presenters who have used the tool during their presentation.  What I’ve observed, is that you need to remember that some in your audience may react like PF Anderson.  For me, this means you really need to understand the tool and have experimented with this tool before you actually use it.  My guess – there is an “art” to using this tool so that it engages the viewer instead of making them dizzy.

So, if you are looking for a unique way to do a presentation, this may be the tool.

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Tool: VoiceThread

8 Minute VoiceThread Demonstration: What’s a VoiceThread?

6 minute Video: Using VoiceThread. Listen to these teachers about how dynamic VoiceThread can be in an educational setting.

Explanation of M5 Commenting used in VoiceThread

Educator options for VoiceThread have some wonderful features and are low-cost and provide a secure, world-wide network.

Education Ideas: VoiceThread can be used for any kind of collaborative project in any subject. Go to the Browse tab to search for topics of interest. Search for “Digital Storytelling” and click on a couple of the icons to listen to a few threads.

Here’s a link to a public VoiceThread that you can comment on. This was created by an educator for students and teachers to simply share where they come from. Try adding YOUR voice to this VoiceThread!

Ministry Ideas: The beginning of any journey in faith starts with storytelling. Allow RCIA participants or confirmation candidates to reflect on the presence of God in their lives, to begin to recognize God’s presence in the journey that brought them to this point in their faith walk. Upload images to get started, then invite others to comment on each image.

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Tool: Animoto

What is Animoto?  A wonderful Web 2.0 tool that assists you in producing a video from selected photos, video clips and music.  Educators can open a free Animoto Plus account which allows unlimited use of the website.

You can create a variety of videos.  Here are a few examples:

Animoto is a very easy tool to use.  Three simple steps.  Here is a short tutorial to learn how to use Animoto (no background music):

If you believe that you can now create a stunning video for your class, program announcement, or any other project – click the “Like” button.  Once you create a video or engage your students in creating a video, come back and tell us about it.  We’d love to hear from you.


Tool: SlideShare

2.5 minute tutorial:

5 minute tutorial:

This is a way to share your presentations with your students or parents.  After you open an account, you can upload your PPTs and then forward the link or add it to your blog or website. You can also encourage comments from those who are viewing the presentations.

Educational Examples: Educators often look to see what others have shared in a topic area. Say a “Geometry” teacher is wondering what is available on Slideshare in this area – check out the search for “Geometry.”

Ministerial Examples: Sharing class presentations – http://www.slideshare.net/ddbclascruces; sharing workshop presentations – http://www.slideshare.net/ccerveny

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