A Cyberpilgrim's List of Web 2.0 Tools for Ministry


30 Hands Mobile App

If you have an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch you now can download a FREE app called 30 Hands Mobile. Why? 30hands Mobile is a fun storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create stories or presentation based on photos, images or slides using a smartphone or tablet […]


ABCya‘s suite of learning tools for the younger set. Check out its Word Cloud and Animation tools (and the Drawing/Painting tool too)!


Audioboo is a podcasting tool you can use with your smartphone or iPad. Currently, iPhone, iPad, Android and Nokia support Audioboo. If you have ever wished you could record and share a student’s voice, a message, a lesson, an interview or even your own thoughts and reflections, you will find that those dreams can come true with Audioboo! […]


Tool: Aviary for iPad and other iOS devices Aviary WAS an online toolset for editing, enhancing and creating online. However, they have moved away from the Flash based toolset and created a free app for the iPad, iPod and iPhone. It seems that they are working on a version for the Android OS as well. […]

Big Huge Labs – A Bunch of Cool Tools

Tool: Big Huge Labs is a collection of online tools for creating all sorts of fun things for Catechetics… and Evangelization, too. My two favorites are the “Motivator” and the “Magazine Cover” creator. Here is an example of each: […]

Category: Creativity, Evangelization, Multimedia, Storytelling, Youth Ministry


Tool: Blogger is for blogging, which is an art form in and of itself, deserving of a full exploration beyond the scope of a Web 2.0 primer. However, Blogger can also be used as a simple learning platform. Instead of posting the diary/journal type entries, called posts, that a blogger would post, you can […]


Tool: Compfight A picture is worth 1,000 words! Yes, we’ve often heard this. And with tools like Compfight, you can find images on Flickr that have been released under a creative commons license . You can quickly locate images without having to gain explicit permission from the image owner. The following video is a tutorial […]

Creating Text Conversations

Here’s a quick and fun tool for getting attention in a classroom:  a SMS Generator.  It’s a website that allows you to create text conversations, and then save it for future reference with a link or by embedding it in a website […]

Doodle: Easy Scheduling

Tool: Doodle If you are looking for a FREE online tool to “poll” your meeting attendees to see which day and time is best for them, then DOODLE is a tool you will want to explore. Dave Johnson provides a wonderful overview about the Doodle tool – Free online tool makes scheduling a breeze post. […]

devolver Moviemaker

Tool: devolver Moviemaker According to Ruby Benjamin, Kids love computers and many could spend all evening and every weekend surfing the web. Most computer-savvy children are already familiar with common children’s websites based on their favorite TV shows and movies, and those sites can be great for providing some interesting reading geared to getting their […]


It’s Independence Day in the USA and I can’t think of a better Web 2.0 tool to celebrate freedom than Dropbox! Freedom from multiple file versions! Freedom from thumb drives! Freedom from disorganization! Dropbox is an online storage and file sharing application that can help simplify your life is so many ways and give you […]


Tool: Evernote Ever have issues organizing your research for projects or presentations? It can be a monumental task to compile quotes from web pages, videos, images, and documents and organize them. Often we find ourselves bouncing from folder to folder where we have saved our information, or we use a lot of paper and ink […]


What if you and your class could set up your own private social network for Jesus and the Saints?  Assign students to study the biography of a character from the Bible and create a social media profile based on what they read […]


Tool: Flickr Flickr is a popular tool for photo sharing. It allows users to keep images private or share them with the world. How do you upload your photos? By using either your computer or your cell phone. If you are doing a class project, you get a personal Flickr e-mail address, where you can […]


Flubaroo is a really cool tool that can be used in conjunction with Google forms to self-correct forms/quizzes/questions which basically means less work for us teachers. However, having used Flubaroo in the classroom I found it had many more advantages. For starters, it allows flipped learning to occur at home and grades to be recorded […]

What is a rubric? It is a way to assess the learning of an individual who may be a participant, a volunteer, or a professional in your ministry training and formation.  To become a competent catechist, youth minister, RCIA leader, or any other minister there are various skills and learning objectives that one needs to demonstrate in their ministry[…]


Tool: Geocaching Geocaching is a world-wide treasure-hunting game played by five million people. If you are looking for a way to extend your catechetical curriculum outside of the classroom, this may be the tool for you. Players create a free online account and then participate in hiding, seeking and discovering one another’s caches using GPS […]


Tool: Glogster EDU Mashups are applications that allow you to use multiple media in one platform. We chose Glogster because it is free, colorful, ad-free (with educator’s account) and allows you to record movie clips with your web cam, embed YouTube videos, upload images, add animations, and much more. It also allows you to set […]


Tool: GoToMeeting How many of us in ministry have had trouble scheduling meetings because of conflicting calendars, had to miss meetings because of personal conflicts, or had meetings cancelled because of bad weather? Of course, the answer is all of us, so what can we do about it? One solution is GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is a […]


One of the more fun things about ministry is gathering groups of people together for a variety of functions: prayer groups, bible study, mission trips, service projects, annual events, etc. A couple of challenging aspects of running or participating in these communities is coordinating and communicating effectively, especially on the fly or in last minute situations. One to one and group text messaging has really helped in this aspect […]


HootSuite (http://hootsuite.com/) is a social media management tool. Although it was developed with businesses in mind, it certainly can be adapted to fit the needs of churches as well. If you are one of the pioneers in social media in your church and you are finding it just a little bit daunting to keep track of […]

Category: Collaborative, Communication, Evangelization

HP MagCloud

A few years ago when I was snooping around the school where I teach (trying to pick up new ed tech tips) I happened upon a middle school technology class that had just finished up a project using HP MagCloud. The students had taken digital images, used these images to create a PDF file using Microsoft Publisher, uploaded the PDF to MagCloud and, within about a week, each had a four-page, magazine-quality brochure of their work […]

Jing – Screen Capture Tool from TechSmith

Jing is a free, versatile and simple screen capture tool that “lives” on your desktop – ready to capture anything on your screen, from images to video clips. That makes it a great tool for sharing snapshots of web pages, marking up those images, creating scrapbooks, and more. Jing, which you can find here, allows […]


Tool: Mixbook There are various forms of digital storytelling to consider. One that I like is the Digital Photo Book. Have a sacramental moment you want to remember. Mixbook provides you with a digital storybook to record and share the story of a Baptism, Confirmation, or Marriage. Consider other events that you may wish to […]


Tool: Morguefile Morguefile is a site that allows photographers to share their high quality photos very generously. Although it isn’t the most extensive collection, you do not have to worry about copyright considerations. Here is a quick tutorial to help you get started:   If you believe that you can now create a discussion tool […]

Padlet (formerly called Wallwisher)

Padlet, formerly called Wallwisher, is a simple online notice board creator for collaboration through the use of online stickies. Imagine an online bulletin board that allows anyone with access to post a sticky, or move stickies around. It can be used for brainstorming, agenda setting, story mapping, or simply the sharing of ideas and information. Moving […]


Tool: Photofunia Photofunia is an online tool for uploading photos, and putting them in fun and/or elegant settings. Here is an example of a still. and an example of a moving picture… a “gif” created in Photofunia. You may need to click on the photo to launch its own window and give it motion. Imagine […]

Pinterest for Ministry

Pinterest, the popular newcomer to social networking that focuses on images and allows you to create interest-based “boards” is a great tool for sharing visual links to catechetical ideas, images, videos, projects and more and more. Basically a virtual bulletin board on which you can pin any web link that has an image associated with […]


Tool: Pixlr Pixlr is an online toolset for creating, editing, enhancing graphics. The toolset includes: Pixlr Editor Pixlr Express Pixlr-o-matic and more… This is a great tool for your digital storytelling projects. PLUS, you can enhance your images, and then upload them in Animoto to create even better copyright free videos! Don’t forget that you […]

Poll Daddy

Tool: Poll Daddy What is PollDaddy? AppAppeal says – PollDaddy is a service that provides polling and survey widgets for blogs, websites and social networking sites. Users can create simple polls and surveys, and the Polldaddy site will generate the widget code for them to post the poll or survey on their site. Users can […]

Poll Everywhere

Tool: Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere is a web based text polling tool that can be used by any ministry. When you make a poll, choose which type of question you want to ask: multiple choice or free response with any text reply. Then have your audience text in their answers. Results can be viewed in […]


Tool: Prezi One of the best ways to learn Prezi, is to go to the Prezi Learn section. Here you will find a well designed tutorial with three videos and a “cheat sheet” for each tutorial that offers the details you may need for learning this tool. The first tutorial is Getting Started To get […]

Remind 101

One of the more daunting tasks in church ministry is good communication. So much of the church world is dependent on volunteers to come in and make things go. The reality is that these people have their own lives, and occasionally forget some of their commitments to their churches. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to instantly connect with a specific group of people to remind […]

ScreenChomp for iPad

ScreenChomp from TechSmith Corporation is an easy-to-use screencast app for the iPad that allows a parish leader, teacher or catechist to create a lesson plan, a set of directions, a learning module or more, as a simple video which can then be shared on a Facebook page or emailed as a link. The interface is […]


Volunteer sign-up and organization: the burden of any ministry within any church. Recruiting, availability, scheduling, rescheduling, phone calling, and follow-up phone calling eat up a lot of valuable time. Wouldn’t it be easier to create a sign-up sheet online and email parishioners to volunteer rather than try to track them down at mass or by phone […]


As mobile devices and One-to-One initiatives become more mainstream in schools, you may be searching for ways to have an easy, interactive interface between content that catechists have prepared and student reception and viewing of that content. SlideShark is a tool that can help if you are moving in that direction. SlideShark allows you, the catechist, teacher or youth minister, to upload a PowerPoint presentation from your home PC to your iPad […]

Category: Collaborative, Multimedia


Call me an auditory learner, I guess, since I seem to be drawn to tools like VoiceThread,  Audioboo and now SoundCloud. As online podcasting tools become more popular, more user-friendly and more connected, it becomes more of a challenge […]

Survey Monkey

Tool: Survey Monkey Survey Monkey is an online tool for creating surveys, and so much more! The questions can be multiple choice, essay, text, or even just an image you upload. Besides surveys, then, you can use this tool for home discussions, registrations, testing, collaborative planning, and more. Imagine a 7th grader sitting at home […]


No!  We’re not scouts making s’mores – Graham crackers with melted marshmallows and chocolate over an open fire.  We could be educators, ministers, catechists or any minister creating interesting and exciting electronic flyers […]


In the last few years, web browsers such as Chrome and Operating Systems such as Windows 8 have adopted visual displays that organize your content in a matrix of icons. Symbaloo, similarly, organizes your Web bookmarks in a matrix that they call a “webmix,” and allows you to organize your content […]

TEDEd: Catechetical Possibilities

Recently TED video created TED-Ed videos. I’d encourage you to watch the introductory video to learn more about this service. Then go to the Ted-Ed Tour In the Subject Category section you will find “Philosophy & Religion”. Right now there is only ONE video here – Jackie Jenkins: Greeting the World in Peace. Take a […]

ThumbJam for iOS

While we are talking catechesis and technology, let’s not forget your students who are musically talented – or want to be! More and more, music is a part of our world: online, in iPods, over speakers and live. ThumbJam is one of those apps most people can probably live without – but some of us […]

Twitter Chats

Most of us have heard of Twitter, the social networking site where users post updates (called tweets) in 140 characters or less. Professionals love to use Twitter for networking, celebrities for self-promotion, and ministers for evangelizing! With the use of a shortened url, a tweet becomes a launching pad to send people to an image, […]

Twitter: Finding and Following on Twitter

The power of Twitter is two-fold: the people and the information. First, you can find and connect with others who share your interests, developing appropriate online relationships with peers. By contributing and “listening,” you can become part of a professional or ministry network. Second, through your newsfeed or by searching for specific #hashtags, you can stay on top of news […]


Tool: Vuvox Tim Lanahan, CEO of Vuvox, tells us about this Web 2.0 tool in the following video: Richard Byrne reviews Vuvox in his blog – Free Technology for Teachers. Here is what he says: Vuvox is a multifaceted multimedia collage and slideshow creation tool. There are so many great tools including in Vuvox that […]


Tool: VoiceThread 8 Minute VoiceThread Demonstration: What’s a VoiceThread? 6 minute Video: Using VoiceThread. Listen to these teachers about how dynamic VoiceThread can be in an educational setting. Explanation of M5 Commenting used in VoiceThread Educator options for VoiceThread have some wonderful features and are low-cost and provide a secure, world-wide network. Education Ideas: VoiceThread […]

Wallwisher (now called Padlet)

Padlet, formerly called Wallwisher, is a simple online notice board creator for collaboration through the use of online stickies. Imagine an online bulletin board that allows anyone with access to post a sticky, or move stickies around. It can be used for brainstorming, agenda setting, story mapping, or simply the sharing of ideas and information. Moving […]


Tool: WeGather Answer this question: What is the #1 goal of any church? Answer: To build community. To help in this mission, there are many wonderful tools available through the Internet to share information and socialize. But perhaps with all those different tools, you feel a bit overwhelmed. One ministry group communicates on Facebook, another […]

Wideo: Make Simple, Free Animated Videos Online

Wideo is a free, fun online tool for making animated videos online that can be easily shared.  Users sign up to create simple short videos using animated elements with either recorded voice narration or music and text […]


As someone who has worked as a consultant with churches to integrate technology into their ministries and now as the person responsible for communications within a parish, finding a good solution to online forms has been a difficult task […]


Tool: Yodio Yodio is a FREE service to create a voice story with a photo or graphic. It’s easy and fun. You can use your computer or your telephone. To learn more about Yodio, listen to the introductory video located on the home page. Click on HOW IT WORKS to get acquainted with the tool. […]

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