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Collaborize Classroom

Tool:  Collaborize Classroom

Have you ever wanted to engage your students outside of class in an activity that would interest them?  CollaborizeClassroom may be the tool that you are looking for.  Here you have an opportunity to invite your participants to engage in an online conversation or an online assignment.

Here are examples of online learning:

Professional Development is offered for those who would like to learn more about the tool and online learning.  Check out PD.

To learn the basics of Collaborize Classroom, visit the Collaborize Classroom Webinars.

Get Started Fast With Collaborize Classroom,

one of the videos part of the CC Account. This video will help you to quickly understand how this tool can be used easily and quickly.  When you have a moment, check out the other videos in the CC Account as they offer very helpful information.

If you are going to sign-up for a FREE account, click the “Like” button.  Do come back later to share your story about using Collaborize Classroom with your students, RCIA candidates, Youth Ministry participants, and more.