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Tool: Vuvox

Tim Lanahan, CEO of Vuvox, tells us about this Web 2.0 tool in the following video:

Richard Byrne reviews Vuvox in his blog – Free Technology for Teachers.  Here is what he says:

Vuvox is a multifaceted multimedia collage and slideshow creation tool. There are so many great tools including in Vuvox that it is tough to choose a feature with to start this review. The basic idea of Vuvox is to allow anyone to create a multimedia panoramic collage. At its most basic level you can use Vuvox to stitch together your photographs into a panorama. Vuvox offers great tools that you can use to edit your images so that they match up perfectly. You can also use the Vuvox editing tools to crop out sections of an image for re-use later in your collage or for use in a separate collage. You can upload images from your computer to Vuvox or import images from your Flickr, SmugMug, or Picasa account.  More

In brief, VuVox lets you do a lot, without needing a lot of high-tech know-how. Students and teachers, catechists, and other faith formation staff can generate impressive multimedia collages and panoramas of their work with this tool.

Applications for Catechesis

  • If you have been on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Rome, or any other spiritual location, friends are eager to hear your story.  Your story comes more alive when you share your photographs.  However, if not done wisely, you may bore your audience.  Consider adding your photos to a Vuvox collage that scrolls behind you, providing visuals as you share the story of your visit.  The combination of your sharing, with the panoramic VuVox canvas, creates a memorable and engaging presentation.
  • Involve teams of students to learn about a Church in their city (the cathedral, their parish, a neighboring parish).  Invite them to visit the church and to learn more about the history of this church.  Engage them in doing a presentation about the Church using Vuvox.
  • Invite students to create a photo collage for family sacramental events – Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, or Weddings.
  • Create a timeline – perhaps of the life of Jesus from Birth through his Resurrection, or a timeline of Popes from a certain historical period.

To learn more about creating a collage, view How To Make a Vuvox Collage:

If you are interested in trying and  using Vuvox, please click the “Like” Button.  Of course, when you have used it for a collage we would love to hear about your experience.  Please come back to share.