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Tool: Yodio

Yodio is a FREE service to create a voice story with a photo or graphic.  It’s easy and fun.  You can use your computer or your telephone.  To learn more about Yodio, listen to the introductory video located on the home page.

Click on HOW IT WORKS to get acquainted with the tool.

Looking for ideas for your ministry?  Go to Ways That Churches Could Use Yodio.  Here you will find a few suggestions for Pastors, Youth Ministers and More.

If you are wondering what a Yodio event is like, here are a few examples:

A story “Duck At the Door” demonstrates how a story can be shared with your viewers.  Begin to think of how students could tell the story of the Sunday Gospel, then link or embed it to your parish or class website.

Want to teach your youth about Peace, check out “Peace.”

This tool could be used simply to create a Christmas or Easter card for families in your parish.  Each student could create an image or take a photo and then record their Easter wish.

Remember to click the “Like” button if you are planning on exploring Yodio to use in your parish.  Once you have used the tool, we would love to hear how you used it in your ministry.  I’m sure we will learn much from one another.