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What’s Smore?

No!  We’re not scouts making s’mores – Graham crackers with melted marshmallows and chocolate over an open fire.  We could be educators, ministers, catechists or any minister creating interesting and exciting electronic flyers that grab and catch others attention.


How?  Check out a great web tool called SMORE.

See how easy it is to use by viewing the Smore Video.  Scroll down to the middle of the page and click on the “A Cupcake Story Video.”


How could you use this tool in your ministry?

Having a Family Dinner, check this out:


Announcing a Night of Worship, here is a creative invite:


If you just want to see what others are doing, come to the website and scan through the variety of creations.  Here’s one about the Follet Digital Reader:


Jeff Herb has said the following about the tool – Smore will let you quickly, easily, and efficiently create flyers using an incredibly simple drag and drop and WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor.  The site gives you some pre-defined templates to work from (which are totally customizable, just a starting point). 

More importantly – your flyers will look great on any device.  Also, if you want to print your flyer and distribute the old fashioned way – that option is also available to you.

Would love to hear from you how you are using this wonderful tool.  Come back to share the link of your wonderful creation. If you found this post to be of interest to you, click the “Like” button.


Tool:  Prezi

One of the best ways to learn Prezi, is to go to the Prezi Learn section.  Here you will find a well designed tutorial with three videos and a “cheat sheet” for each tutorial that offers the details you may need for learning this tool.

The first tutorial is Getting Started

To get an idea of the type of presentation that can be created using Prezi, come and visit Prezi Demo.

Prezi  is a tool that has pricing options: Free, Enjoy and Pro.  To learn more about these options, visit Choose Your Prezi  License.

What are some thoughts and ideas for using this tool in your ministry or Catechetics?  Of course, this is an alternative to PowerPoint.  So, anything you can do with PowerPoint, you can do with Prezi.

Before you get over exciting about using Prezi, you may want to pay attention to what others say about this tool.  For example:

Prezi is the Coolest Online Presentation Tool  I’ve Seen by Robin Wauters, and

The Emerging Technologies Librarian, PF Anderson, posts Pondering Prezi.

I’ve not used this tool yet.  However, I’ve listened to presenters who have used the tool during their presentation.  What I’ve observed, is that you need to remember that some in your audience may react like PF Anderson.  For me, this means you really need to understand the tool and have experimented with this tool before you actually use it.  My guess – there is an “art” to using this tool so that it engages the viewer instead of making them dizzy.

So, if you are looking for a unique way to do a presentation, this may be the tool.

If you feel like you’re going to explore using Prezi, please click the “Like” Button.  Of course, when you have used it for a presentation, we would love to hear about it and to see your presentation.